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Someone once told me.

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It was just another day in the queen of hills, Mussoorie; I was drifting along the mall road when I came across a momo stand right next to the school with bottle green exteriors. That day would have been just about the awe-inspiring momos if I hadn’t met him.

I don’t remember much from our conversation, 1o years indeed is a long time but I do remember him whispering the following in my ears, “Someone once told me,  95% of a writer’s content is never published and it is this 95% which comes directly from his heart, not from his pen

It is now, 10 years later that I understand what he meant. Obviously, years ago I had no interest in writing or publishing a book that I would believe came right from my heart  (thought I did write my first poetry almost 12 years ago).

I published my ‘first writing experiment’ on Amazon in 2013 (which didn’t really catch any friction); I have been planning to publish my second work which I have co-authored with the gorgeous Maitri Sisodia for a long time now, the only problem we’re facing is: WE DO NOT HAVE A PUBLISHER but that does not demotivate us, we understand that there are better authors and writers out there, we might be far behind in the ‘race’ but that’s no reason not to write!

So, it doesn’t matter whether what I write is categorized as the gem 5% or stacks itself in the 95% category, all that matters is that I WRITE because I love doing it.

Coming soon…An Anthology of Contemporary Cheerharan

Btw. I’m not sure but I think that ‘Someone’ quoted him was Ruskin Bond.

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April 30, 2014 at 9:50 PM

25 Before 25 | Make your own kind of Music

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There’s this one small thing I have to do before this Sunday ends; 3.5 years ago I wrote a list of things I wanted to achieve and experience. And it was then when I promised myself that I will be spending the next two hours reliving my experiences.

Most of my friends are aware that I have themes for each year, it’s the jazzy version of a vision. My themes for previous years:

2010:  #IgottaFeeling

2011: Travel

2012: Don’t settle for anything less. Period

2013: Make life an offer that even life cannot refuse. Read more: 2013

2014: Attitude and Fortitude to make the impossible, nothing! Read more: 2014

These past 5 years have been an amazing journey for me; of course, there were both good times and bad times but I always felt content of who I was at the end of every year.

Following are the 25 things I wanted to do before I was 25: (these were written in April 2011)

1. Visit 25 Countries before I am 25.

I did 21 Countries (but I have been to China – Twice, Hong Kong – Thrice, Malaysia – Gazillion times) So I guess, it’s a GREEN.

2. Visit Egypt, Indonesia, Japan, Brazil, Colombia & Nepal.

Egypt, Indonesia, Japan — Done | Brazil, Colombia and Nepal — To be continued ;) — Amber

3. Walk on the streets of NYC and SING..”When your in NEW YORK” after getting super drunk at a cheap bar

Fail (I never visited NYC) – RED

4. Go to South Carolina and play on the River Court of One Tree Hill Or Meet anyone ONE TREE HILL Character.

Fail (I never did go to the US) – RED

5. Trend a Topic On Twitter.

Done. #BigLilCity ;)  – GREEN

6. Appear live on Radio or Television.

Done. Big 92.3 FM, Baroda, 2012. — GREEN

7. Have a draft of my first novel/book ready. May be published?

Done. You might wanna buy it from Amazon ;)The Creed of Julian Dalbert | 2nd book in progress. — GREEN.

A Manifesto

A Manifesto

8. Have two degrees/diplomas and be enrolled for the Third.

Well, I have one degree now. Technically, I’m also enrolled to a Masters in Mass Communications and Journalism :P — Amber.

9. Have Read over 150 Novels/Books since 2010.

I think I’m on 139th of something; I really do not have an exact track — Amber


10. Contributed to at least three different  social causes.

Done. Child Rights (Worked for Smile Foundation), Peace (volunteered for Aman Ki Asha), Women Sexual Empowerment (An Anthology coming soon) — GREEN

11. Still be best friends with Ayushee Mishra.

I guess, I’m ;) — GREEN

Best Friends

12. Learn at least one Foreign language.

Fail. I do know some Chinese words? XiaXia ? No. — RED

13. Take my parents on a trip abroad or Call them to wherever I am | Make parents proud of who I am today.

They will always be proud of who I’m. — GREEN

14. Have a project in the market of my own. Can be a fully owned website (blog) or an app or anything.

I have four blogs, one website, one book on Amazon, few blackberry themes with 100k downloads — GREEN baby!

15.<Encrypted> (some wishes cannot be public, you see)

Ssshh. Let’s quietly mark it, Amber.

16.After a special Success, Get Drunk, Get Wet and Dance on the song “Stand up for the Champions”with my special people.

Done. Like many times! — GREEN

17. Have had Worked for at least two amazing companies.

Done. ONGC, Electrolux — GREEN

18. Play full 18 holes of a Golf Course with Dad. Possibly hit a birdie :P

I was freaking ambitious back then wasn’t I? — RED

19. Have had achieved all levels of  Maslows Hierarchy.

GREEN (Of course Duh!)

20.  Celebrate at least one festival( each year) back home. Have a amazing family time.

Holi – 2012, Holi 2013, Diwali 2013 — Check — GREEN.

21. Skydive, scubadive, Infinity pool, Bungee Jumping, Submarine ride,  a one day trek, learn how to drive a car, Hot air balloon. Do at least ( 5/9)

Hot air balloon, Infinity Pool, Bungee Jumping, One day trek — Check. Others, to be continued! — Amber.

(Yes, I do not know how to drive a car)

22. Attend Ocktober Fest or Sunburn or A Halloween Parade or The Famous Brazilian Parade.

Fail. But I did attend ZoukOut (similar to SunBurn) –to be continued — RED

23. Go on a crazy road trip with friends and Go to Wagah Border (and Golden temple)

Done. Road Trip to Amritsar, Roadtrip in Malaysia. — GREEN.

24. Get hair cuts in Random countries.

Done. Egypt, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia. — GREEN.

25. Stand at one of my favorite places in the world and read this list on 17th March 2014. Mark it Red, Yellow, Green :)

Sitting can? It was a long list. Yes, I’m at one of my favorite places in the world, Bishan Park (Singapore). — GREEN

Clearly, my past 3 years didn’t really work out as I thought they would (most of it did right?) but you know what, it’s doesn’t matter anymore. I perhaps did 25 things which I never thought I would do, I perhaps experienced many more awe-inspiring experiences that I could have never thought of.

I think it’s amazing to plan and experience how your life unfolds (and I will soon be writing by 30 before 30) but it’s also important to understand whatever happens we must learn to enjoy.

I know next five years might bring some real though times but I guess I’m ready because I have the attitude and fortitude to make any impossible, nothing

You gotta make your own kind of music ;)

You can read the raw text written years ago here: 25 Things before I’m 25 (you would need a password)

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March 16, 2014 at 8:33 PM

What makes you feel complete? A travel journal.

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Love is that distinct memory from your past that once made you feel complete.

And I have tons of those; like the one…when I was eating Butterscotch Ice cream and walking hands in hands with a girl in the middle of a basketball court of some university in Nairobi,Kenya. I ended up playing a  basketball game with some really cool Kenyans :)

Or the time I drove us (on a motor bike) from District 1 to District 7 of Ho Chi Minh City at roughly 2:30 am in the night after consuming at least few liters of beers, a sheesha and few 30ml Whiskey on the rocks.  Trust me, I didn’t feel an inch of alcohol in me, I was rather high with the idea of falling in love with her. (Please don’t drink and drive)

I can list them all but that’s exactly not the point; I recently lost my travel diary of 2013, I had traveled to 7 countries last year and had documented every amazing memory in that shiny bundled bunch of paper but now it’s all lost. It did make me feel a little sad but eventually I realized I have them all right here in my head and if not the head, it’s in my heart.

I will start writing a new travel log diary for 2014 and I will keep blogging my stories but that won’t change the fact that every legendary memory of love will be written in ink straight into the hard coded memory of my heart.

Because it was these moments when I felt complete and it’s these moments I would like to think about before it all ends.

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March 1, 2014 at 11:46 AM

Thank you Steve Jobs; I had an awesome Sunday!

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Written by Gaurav Julka

January 20, 2014 at 7:12 PM

2013: 10 things I wanted to do.

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A perfect way to live; create a list of things you want to do, find ways of how you wanna do it, live in sprints, reflect and consolidate the sprints by the end of the month, make a life — feeling Geeky & Reflective.

Yes that sounds like “Project Management”; it actually is.

Scrum_processIt’s called the Scrum Process (or Scrum style of Project Management or Scrum (agile) SDLC).

I think it’s an apt way of living life;  it’s controlled yet drives you towards the infinite, it’s dreamy yet you can track your achievements, it’s planning your future yet living in your present. It makes you feel ‘balanced’ in life.

Last year on 30th December 2013 I wrote a blog post called “10 small things I want to do in 2013″

I will now begin my reflective journey and start consolidating my sprints in the year 2013. I know I have almost completed every thing I mentioned on the list of 2013 (except traveling to Vietnam – I still have 13 days to go) but the question is: Have I really lived 2013?


Written by Gaurav Julka

December 17, 2013 at 9:11 AM

When will you settle down?

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Gaurav Julka:

“Yes, travel — but just not for too long”
The question is, when is that “Too long”?

Originally posted on Inspiration through Impact:

One year after I started traveling, I was back home suffering from the classic telltales of reverse cultural shock, which no one seemed to understand and with increasing frustration (also to others) and dreams of getting on a plane as soon as possible   a friend  asked what I’m running away from. My mother constantly wants to know when I will “settle down” and join the “real world”. A boyfriend once commented on and told me to stop running away, face my daddy issues and live life. 

I’m not sure why, but there is this perception out there that anyone who travels long-term and isn’t interested in settling down to be running away from something.They are just trying to “escape.”

The general opinion is that traveling is something everyone should do — that gap years after college and short vacations are acceptable. But for those of us who lead nomadic lifestyles, or just linger…

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December 17, 2013 at 8:26 AM

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What we need, want; between the dreams.

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A strong knock on my room door resonated with the decibel of pain that my forehead was rejoicing. Pain; caused due to a certain phenomenon known as hangover. It was a brilliant Friday night. I have faint memories of consuming bottles of wines, encountering random people at the Clarke Quay bridge including this chubby Brit woman who was trying to seduce this Brit guy in our group and of course I remember dragging myself out of the dirty ocean line waters of East coast park.

Yes, it was a long night. All of it, worth it. Precisely, the rejoicing.

Even though it was the middle of the day, I wasn’t expecting anyone to knock on my doors. I was in no state to receive the knock leave alone the responding. The intensity of knock escalated within seconds, it faded into my sleep like the Sunday night beats of Tiesto,Real hard. Someone was really desperate or really worried perhaps.

When the knock was athletic enough to actually wake me up, I struggled but finally managed to screech,“Who is it? Come in“. I didn’t even move my head while I screeched, for starters the head won’t move because of the pain and over that, I really did not want to open my pit red eyes.

The door squeaked as I could feel someone’s presence in the room. A familiar female voice quietly spoke my name as if trying to whisper in my ears.

I managed to lift my head and turn towards the source of the delicate sound that had embarked my ears, I opened my eyes to see a faint figure of a women dressed in peach, or it could be white or yellow, it was all hazy. I wasn’t able to tilt my head high enough to be able to see her face but it all felt familiar, felt known. The pain was adding to the reluctance in my movements.  I gave up. My head was back on the pillow and eyes shut like the doors of a gold safe with multiple locks. For a moment, I was sleeping again.

I could feel her voice, she was saying something I couldn’t really decipher. As I struggled to lift my head up or open the locks, I felt a hand on the back of my  neck, the hand lifted my head and positioned it on a something really serene and cozy, It was her lap; in split of a second, I knew who the person was. I can never forget the warmth and comfort of this lap, I have been resting my pain on this lap for a long time now. I felt her hand on my forehead and my pain diffused like gases in the air; within moments, I was asleep. Carefree; I felt home.

A facetime call on the ipad startled me up at around four, I woke up in an instant, I could still feel elephants pounding on my head but my lock free eyes were looking for someone or even a faint trace of that someone who had been here, but nothing, except the sandy floor nothing else was different from the last time I had woken up in that room.

It was a dream. All that knocking, I made it all up but somewhere in my heart the comfort was real.

We don’t really need to be told what we really need or want, we just have to read our own hearts. We know it, perhaps all it takes is to see between the dreams ;)

             Five Weeks, and I will be home; countdown begins!

Written by Gaurav Julka

September 21, 2013 at 9:21 PM


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