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6 Weeks of Impact | #happyplateSG – The Information Technology behind it.

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Did you know 77% of Singaporeans regularly waste food at home, contributing to the 788,600 tonnes of food waste the nation creates each year? 

This statement came as a big surprise to me when my corporate comms team shared the idea of running a CSR initiative around the issue of Food Waste;  they literally gave me a copy of the media release talking about the inferences from the survey.

They came up with a very simple idea of promoting the cause via Instagram as Singaporeans love taking pictures of their #InstaFood but the challenge was which vendor would develop a corporate brand aligned complex website in 7 working days?

Of course, this was the opportunity I have been waiting for.

It’s been 3 years working at Electrolux; as an IT Business Analyst and Delivery lead, I have probably managed deployments of over 40 enterprise applications impacting over 1000+ users but this was different, this was a challenging yet soulful experience. Finally, found another reason to contribute to the society I’m living in.

So basically, Between now and 22 November 2015, the campaign motivates you to simply share photos of your empty plates at meal time right here or via Instagram using the hashtag #happyplateSG.  It believes that together we can raise food waste awareness and help feed up to 1,000 families in need through our charity partner, The Food Bank Singapore.

You can pledge your support here.

You must be probably assuming that I’m just trying to promoting my company’s initiative. Honestly, this is an excellent initiative by Electrolux but that’s not the reason I’m passionate about it, it’s the relevance and it’s Impact.


Barbara Corcoran once wrote: You can’t fake passion.

The Information technology behind –> It’s a  scalable WordPress site hosted on Microsoft Azure with multiple WP Widgets and minor custom code. The colors, logo & fonts have an Electrolux copyright.

#happyplatesg * Instagram photos and videos

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October 7, 2015 at 10:42 PM

38th Parallel

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아버지! 제가 그들을 다 죽였어요
총탄은 유칼립투스의 나뭇잎처럼 떨어졌습니다
이것이 반역죄라면 저에게 말씀해 주세요
그들이 누군가의 엄마이고, 남편이 있으며 아들이 있다는 것을 알았더라면 그럴 수도 있겠죠

아버지! 제가 그들을 다 죽였어요.
총과 수류탄을 맞은 그들은 마치 호두까기 인형처럼 쓰러졌어요

왜 우리가 적이 되어야 하는 거죠?
그들은 우리처럼 한옥도 있고 마루도 있지만 그곳에 죽어있어요
저는 그 집에서 먹다 남겨진 비빔밥 그릇도 발견했고
저의 끝없는 총기 사고에서 유발된 피의 흔적들도 보았어요

아버지! 제가 그들을 다 죽였어요
총과 수류탄을 맞은 그들은 마치호두까기 인형처럼 쓰러졌어요

저는 아버지가 동쪽에서 온 군병들과 싸우신 것처럼 그들과 싸우고 싶어요
우리는 한민족인데 왜 자유를 쟁취하며 싸워야 하는지 이해가 가질 않아요
우리는 같은 언어를 쓰고 같은 노래도 부르잖아요
우리의 도시 부산처럼 그들도 비슷한 곳에서 온 것이잖아요

아버지! 제가 그들을 다 죽였어요
총과 수류탄을 맞은 그들은 마치 호두까기 인형처럼 쓰러졌어요

제가 수류탄을 던졌을 때,
저는 제가 성취한 엄청난 영예에 두려움을 느꼈어요
아들을 한쪽 팔에 감싸고 있던 어머니가 제 앞에서 갈기 갈기 찢어졌어요
그녀의 남편도 저의 총탄에 맞아 밭에서 죽어갔어요

아버지! 제가 그들을 다 죽였어요.
총과 수류탄을 맞은 그들은 마치 호두까기 인형처럼 쓰러졌어요.

제가 죗값을 치러야 하는 걸까요
아니면 북을 치며 기뻐해야 하는 걸까요
저는 그들의 눈빛을 잊을 수가 없어요
자꾸 저에게 형제자매를 떠올리게 해요
이제는 잎이 무성한 곳에서 이슬이 떨어질 시간인 것 같아요

저는 아버지만큼 용감하지도 강하지도 않아요
제가 그만두기 전에 하나님이 저의 노래를 받아주시기를 기도해 주세요

아버지! 제가 그들을 다 죽였어요.
총과 수류탄을 맞은 그들은 마치 호두까기 인형처럼 쓰러졌어요

Written in English, Translated by Miss Kim Yunji <>

Written by Gaurav Julka

March 29, 2015 at 8:57 PM

Dhoom Machale 2015 – Transcendence

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Fortitude & Choices

This is not a random bollywood-inspired thought nor this is a stupid attempt to promote Abhishek Bachchan. Think of a framework that fosters non-stop motivation for the year ahead; beyond resolutions, beyond themes but a BHAG that breaks any critical or tipping points of any socio-economic expectations.

The innocent thought of doing the impossible; the idea of an idiotic heart taking the front seat while steering your choices to the extreme level of awesomeness – Dhoom.

As I prepare myself to endure the unpredictability and Everest like challenges of 2015, I am committing myself to a new Ninja way; endurance and fortitude were always there, and they will still be the very essence of my existence but this 2015 will require a transcendental action or a set of actions – Machale 

What are these actions?

I have my 30 before 30 ready – Essentially 30 things I want to do before…

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February 20, 2015 at 3:22 PM

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Singapore Writers Festival – A Volunteer’s Insight.

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Singapore Writers Festival was organized by NAC (National Arts Council) of Singapore from 31st October to 9th November 2014 and to my surprise I volunteered for this event.

Volunteering in Singapore was on my 2014 List and it was in fact in May or June of this year when I signed up for this festival. The surprise was that I actually went through, ad mist the most busy week of November, right after a sleepless night at Westin Hotel; I actually made it through two days of awesomeness.

First up I was really impressed by the sheer number of Authors that were engaged during the event [Authors and Speakers] and then I was simply enchanted on how they kept a strong focus on vernacular literature.

Day 1 of Volunteerism –  8th November: The volunteer responsible (a super cute girl) made an innocent assumption that I understood Tamil and assigned me a ‘room manager’ responsibility to all workshops and panels being held in Tamil for the day. I think I know more Chinese words than I know of Tamil but it was acceptable and logical. I took up the innocent challenge and it turned out to be amazing. I met some incredibly famous authors from India like Leena, Indra and many legacy writers from Singapore like Latha and AK Vardharajan. In fact authors like Kamladevi (Singapore) appreciated my participation in the events even though I was not able to understand anything. To be honest, they had no clue till almost the lunch session commenced, I would give an ‘Indian Nod’ to everything I was quizzed on.

The Saturday night ended at 8:30PM with my drifting home along with a McDonalds meal. When I put myself to bed, I had not slept for 38+hours. It was EPIC.

Day 2 of Volunteerism – 9th November: The Volunteer responsible was kind enough to give me an afternoon shift and let me sleep the entire morning. I reported at NLB, Bugis at 1:30PM only to end up having an enchanting Indian Lunch and within minutes I was assigned to Book Signing IC at Festive Pavilion which was in SMU. The first book signing queue I was managing was of Paul Theroux – Awesome right? 😉 – Following this, I met many other authors that were book signing on 9th November.

Between 5:30PM to 6:00PM I was free and was allowed to roam around, instead I attended a panel discussion between Leena Manimekalai and Catherine Lim on Feminism. What followed was a series of inspiration conversations with Leena and Catherine because right after the panel discussion they proceeded for their book signing which I was helping out with. Of course this inspirational sprint requires a dedicated blog post on  – how I wish I had more time to simply converse with these inspiring ladies.

The night wasn’t over yet. Next up: I took the responsibility to be a door bitch at SWF 2014 Closing party, I would check if every person entering the area is a featured author or an invited guest. It was quite unique experience, I had a glass of wine in my hand would toast it out to all the authors. Ah that’s so geeky of me.

This was followed by a bunch of volunteers and organizers drinking together (Whisky + Wine), also met the Director of the festival, Mr. Paul Tan, an interesting person. I thought he was humble, people thought otherwise.

Overall, it was a good experience, I think I will volunteer again next year 😀

Checkout the complete Gallery on SWF Website.

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November 15, 2014 at 1:04 AM

#NaNoWrimo is Coming | Holiday is about to End.

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Talk about mood swings. Exciting times are up ahead but I don’t wanna move on yet. I’m home, Dehradun, ready to fly back to Singapore in less than 72hours which would lead to some real exciting times with #NaNoWrimo , Singapore Writer’s Fest, Electrolux’s Annual Dinner and Dance, All the killer party scenes  at Clake Quay and my kick-ass work but I’m home.

Hills of Dehradun are extraordinary but one cannot beat the awesomeness of simply being home and being fed in the bed with all comforts; then there’s that Singapore’s Writers Fest where I’m a volunteer for two days and even responsible for a room during author sessions and panels.

There’s family here, own home and few friends that remind of who you truly are, where you come from; but then there’s #NaNoWriMo Singapore that I really want to be a part of this year and complete the challenge.

There’s being content here, there’s awesomeness there.

There’s comfort here, hardship and passion there.

Home Country, A Friendly Host

Togetherness, Loneliness

Lazy, Busy

We, I

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October 30, 2014 at 5:10 AM

Someone once told me.

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It was just another day in the queen of hills, Mussoorie; I was drifting along the mall road when I came across a momo stand right next to the school with bottle green exteriors. That day would have been just about the awe-inspiring momos if I hadn’t met him.

I don’t remember much from our conversation, 1o years indeed is a long time but I do remember him whispering the following in my ears, “Someone once told me,  95% of a writer’s content is never published and it is this 95% which comes directly from his heart, not from his pen

It is now, 10 years later that I understand what he meant. Obviously, years ago I had no interest in writing or publishing a book that I would believe came right from my heart  (thought I did write my first poetry almost 12 years ago).

I published my ‘first writing experiment’ on Amazon in 2013 (which didn’t really catch any friction); I have been planning to publish my second work which I have co-authored with the gorgeous Maitri Sisodia for a long time now, the only problem we’re facing is: WE DO NOT HAVE A PUBLISHER but that does not demotivate us, we understand that there are better authors and writers out there, we might be far behind in the ‘race’ but that’s no reason not to write!

So, it doesn’t matter whether what I write is categorized as the gem 5% or stacks itself in the 95% category, all that matters is that I WRITE because I love doing it.

Coming soon…An Anthology of Contemporary Cheerharan

Btw. I’m not sure but I think that ‘Someone’ quoted him was Ruskin Bond.

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April 30, 2014 at 9:50 PM

25 Before 25 | Make your own kind of Music

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There’s this one small thing I have to do before this Sunday ends; 3.5 years ago I wrote a list of things I wanted to achieve and experience. And it was then when I promised myself that I will be spending the next two hours reliving my experiences.

Most of my friends are aware that I have themes for each year, it’s the jazzy version of a vision. My themes for previous years:

2010:  #IgottaFeeling

2011: Travel

2012: Don’t settle for anything less. Period

2013: Make life an offer that even life cannot refuse. Read more: 2013

2014: Attitude and Fortitude to make the impossible, nothing! Read more: 2014

These past 5 years have been an amazing journey for me; of course, there were both good times and bad times but I always felt content of who I was at the end of every year.

Following are the 25 things I wanted to do before I was 25: (these were written in April 2011)

1. Visit 25 Countries before I am 25.

I did 21 Countries (but I have been to China – Twice, Hong Kong – Thrice, Malaysia – Gazillion times) So I guess, it’s a GREEN.

2. Visit Egypt, Indonesia, Japan, Brazil, Colombia & Nepal.

Egypt, Indonesia, Japan — Done | Brazil, Colombia and Nepal — To be continued 😉 — Amber

3. Walk on the streets of NYC and SING..”When your in NEW YORK” after getting super drunk at a cheap bar

Fail (I never visited NYC) – RED

4. Go to South Carolina and play on the River Court of One Tree Hill Or Meet anyone ONE TREE HILL Character.

Fail (I never did go to the US) – RED

5. Trend a Topic On Twitter.

Done. #BigLilCity 😉  – GREEN

6. Appear live on Radio or Television.

Done. Big 92.3 FM, Baroda, 2012. — GREEN

7. Have a draft of my first novel/book ready. May be published?

Done. You might wanna buy it from Amazon 😉 – The Creed of Julian Dalbert | 2nd book in progress. — GREEN.

A Manifesto

A Manifesto

8. Have two degrees/diplomas and be enrolled for the Third.

Well, I have one degree now. Technically, I’m also enrolled to a Masters in Mass Communications and Journalism 😛 — Amber.

9. Have Read over 150 Novels/Books since 2010.

I think I’m on 139th of something; I really do not have an exact track — Amber


10. Contributed to at least three different  social causes.

Done. Child Rights (Worked for Smile Foundation), Peace (volunteered for Aman Ki Asha), Women Sexual Empowerment (An Anthology coming soon) — GREEN

11. Still be best friends with Ayushee Mishra.

I guess, I’m 😉 — GREEN

Best Friends

12. Learn at least one Foreign language.

Fail. I do know some Chinese words? XiaXia ? No. — RED

13. Take my parents on a trip abroad or Call them to wherever I am | Make parents proud of who I am today.

They will always be proud of who I’m. — GREEN

14. Have a project in the market of my own. Can be a fully owned website (blog) or an app or anything.

I have four blogs, one website, one book on Amazon, few blackberry themes with 100k downloads — GREEN baby!

15.<Encrypted> (some wishes cannot be public, you see)

Ssshh. Let’s quietly mark it, Amber.

16.After a special Success, Get Drunk, Get Wet and Dance on the song “Stand up for the Champions”with my special people.

Done. Like many times! — GREEN

17. Have had Worked for at least two amazing companies.

Done. ONGC, Electrolux — GREEN

18. Play full 18 holes of a Golf Course with Dad. Possibly hit a birdie :P

I was freaking ambitious back then wasn’t I? — RED

19. Have had achieved all levels of  Maslows Hierarchy.

GREEN (Of course Duh!)

20.  Celebrate at least one festival( each year) back home. Have a amazing family time.

Holi – 2012, Holi 2013, Diwali 2013 — Check — GREEN.

21. Skydive, scubadive, Infinity pool, Bungee Jumping, Submarine ride,  a one day trek, learn how to drive a car, Hot air balloon. Do at least ( 5/9)

Hot air balloon, Infinity Pool, Bungee Jumping, One day trek — Check. Others, to be continued! — Amber.

(Yes, I do not know how to drive a car)

22. Attend Ocktober Fest or Sunburn or A Halloween Parade or The Famous Brazilian Parade.

Fail. But I did attend ZoukOut (similar to SunBurn) –to be continued — RED

23. Go on a crazy road trip with friends and Go to Wagah Border (and Golden temple)

Done. Road Trip to Amritsar, Roadtrip in Malaysia. — GREEN.

24. Get hair cuts in Random countries.

Done. Egypt, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia. — GREEN.

25. Stand at one of my favorite places in the world and read this list on 17th March 2014. Mark it Red, Yellow, Green :)

Sitting can? It was a long list. Yes, I’m at one of my favorite places in the world, Bishan Park (Singapore). — GREEN

Clearly, my past 3 years didn’t really work out as I thought they would (most of it did right?) but you know what, it’s doesn’t matter anymore. I perhaps did 25 things which I never thought I would do, I perhaps experienced many more awe-inspiring experiences that I could have never thought of.

I think it’s amazing to plan and experience how your life unfolds (and I will soon be writing by 30 before 30) but it’s also important to understand whatever happens we must learn to enjoy.

I know next five years might bring some real though times but I guess I’m ready because I have the attitude and fortitude to make any impossible, nothing

You gotta make your own kind of music 😉

You can read the raw text written years ago here: 25 Things before I’m 25 (you would need a password)

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March 16, 2014 at 8:33 PM

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