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Letter of Thanks – AIESEC Baroda

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Wrote on 19th Feb 2010-


27th December 2008, was the day when I was elected as a local committee president of AIESEC Baroda. It was 6th Jan 2009, where I made the most important decision of my president term and trust me I am still proud of the same. Today, after a year of running after results, numbers, achievements, awards, recognition and positions. I realize that there is a lot more than that just making sure the Local chapter landed in top three nationally & top five internationally. “Learning” is always something which AIESEC as an organization has offered me whether I expected it or not. Today, I realize what would I have been if those 8 individuals in my team said whatever you do is right and please keep doing, I realize I would have taken myself nowhere ahead, I realize I would have done nothing at all different for AIESEC Baroda as an organization. Those 8 individuals challenged me every day in every decision and perhaps that what made me what I am today. Trust me, each of them is going to be an excellent individual in life and off course together we make an excellent team which has created a new world order not just in the history of AIESEC Baroda but also in pages of our life and life of everyone that we interacted with. I would like to thank them all for the same.

“It’s not about the end result but also about the process”, this is something I have learnt in just one day of my life: 19th Feb 2010. Well another great learning to take back from AIESEC Baroda.

Well, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all stakeholders of AIESEC Baroda starting from its members, alumnus, member committee, partners & parents of all AIESECers. It has been an awesome experience and trust me would have been incomplete without your contribution. I would take this opportunity to thank the Alumni of AIESEC Baroda for guiding me and supporting me throughout the year, would also like to apologize for anything which was wrong from my or local chapters side.
In the end, perhaps I would like to share my biggest strength which made me grow so much in AIESEC, which made me excel so much, which made 223 Exchanges happen in this local chapter, which made me fight any difficulty I faced and be an excellent change agent. The strength I am talking about is Emotions, being emotional is one of my biggest strengths which has made me grow even when I was suppose to fall, which has made me shout out my voice even when I was suppose to keep shut, which has made me out stand as an AIESEC Baroda member & as an individual. Today, I am thankful to all of you for helping me understand my biggest strength.


Gaurav Julka


Written by Gaurav Julka

April 7, 2011 at 9:16 AM

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