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As Brave as She Is

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Sometimes or infact a lot of times its about things you really really want to do at that moment. Like right now, I really want to go out with Natasha have a nice dinner and may be go to Juhu beach to have kulfi and then drop her home, come back to Vikhroli and sleep. Sleep with the feeling of love, a feeling of being cared but that’s not the reality right? She is out for her lcong and I am here back in Godrej Soaps alone, why is it that people are absent or not present when you need them the most or I should say, why do we miss specific people while we have others caring about us? Simply because we love them. I wish being loved like that or I should say I miss being loved like that!!! .

Anyways, so what if I don’t have Natasha next to me, I have friends, friends that matter and have been there for me when I needed them. You got to be damn lucky if you have a friend like Mehndi, she is so much independent, so brave, you can feel the word confidence when you see her. She is beautiful too. Actually, its because of Mehndi, Natasha and I met. Today, I am going out for a dinner with mehndi, may be a movie too. I just want to know what is her source of motivation? What is it that makes Mehndi – Mehndi. I wish to be as brave and chiller as her.

As of now, I am sure its going to be a kickass night.

I think I first saw Mehndi when I came for the National Stake holders Summit – sounds big? It was an #AIESEC Event in 2009. I think she was the OC for that event. Back then she was dating this really cool friend of mine Varun. Trust me, even back then Mehndi deserved better. I saw her at various #AIESEC Conferences since then but never interacted with her.

Jan 2010, I was announced as MCVPDT of #AIESEC India. Mehndi was VPDT Mumbai so technically I was her boss 🙂 but she was inactive due to her 12 Boards. Yes Mehndi is young, almost 3 Years younger to me. I think the first time we met properly and officially was actually the first time I met Natasha. ( Weird isn’t it? What if Mehndi was single at that time :p)
I think it was 15th April 2010, we were at Mocha Juhu. Since then I have been seeing Mehndi struggling in life.

I actually don’t know her much, her parents don’t live together, never asked why? Never had the guts to. I think she has two brothers, one is pilot and one is cute little friend of mine – but we haven’t had a single conversation.
She has a lot of personal problems, problems which generally a normal person would not have but she deals with them every day & every minute of her life and yet its always me who runs to her and tells her about his problems and his feelings – Never seen her whining.

She also applied for LCP, I knew she would win it. She had all that a LCP position needed. But I guess she was not popular enough. She lost it but never lost the hope of doing something amazing. Now she is a part of Navi Mumbai a new branch of #AIESEC Mumbai where she is handling not one but two positions – which is simply amazing.

I still see her motivated everyday. Even I lost an elections recently ( which in itself was a big disaster) but this girl just kills it whatever she does.

She says she loves the Michal Jordan Quote about Failure, I say she is one person who lives by that Quote.

I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying. – Michael Jordan

Mehndi, you are awesome. You know that right? I am always there for you.



Written by Gaurav Julka

April 8, 2011 at 2:43 PM

Posted in #Choices

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