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Priority List

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Someone said,“Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option”  and guess what did our very own M.D.K Gandh quoted about priorities,“Action expresses priorities.”

Confusing it is? Indeed Yes. People have their own ideas & theories so do  I, I believe everyone in this world has a priority list for everything,something like the Maslows Hierarchy of needs. I also believe that people have a priority list of people to separate people closer to them from others, to separate the ones you need the most in life from others. Trust me,this list is very useful & important, you obviously need to give some people special privileges than the others, give some people more Attention  than the others. It is indeed very good to have a priority list to manage people around you better but the sad part is, sometimes for people this priority list becomes so dynamic that relationship between two people is shattered, the RESPECT  in the relationship is lost. I really do not understand how can people swipe, replace people in that list so fast? How can someone not be needed for a 3-4 Days while you were needing him for the past one year? I know i am not going to find answers for these questions soon, I am just 22 I have a lot more to see.
Last week (Saturday,9th April)  i took a Chair car train from Bandra Station (Mumbai)  to Baroda, came for my college submissions. I had only one thing in my mind – 5 Submissions  + 1 Project+ 1 Technical White paper back then i never knew this week will be a life changing week for me or atleast a week full of reflection and thinking.

In this one week,  I met a lot people who are a part of my life – Starting with my parents met them after a month, felt great trust me there is nothing more awesome than a dad’s hug and moms food. Met my little sister jumping around with excitement because now she is in class tenth and she needs to beat my score of class tenth. Met old #AIESEC friends, met my team mates, met people who always mattered in my life and always will – Pratiti, Akshata, Aashay, Disha,Paritosh,Varun,Anand, Nikhil,Krunal, Deepak and many more. Many of them have changed, some have grown and some have not  but still who am i to define whether they have grown or not.All of them treated me differently, some loved me more, some missed me so much that they could not stop hugging me, some had 1000 stories to talk about and some just had time to say,”Hello,Wassp”.

Finishing 5 Files of practicals + 1 Project + 1 TWP ( which were performed by  regular students in 6 months ) in 6 days is a mess, trust me you do not want to be in such a situation.I hardly slept last week, has so much in mind to think, so much to process and so much to implement that i use to lock myself inside my room and keep reading the book, keep writing the files or end up doing some #AIESEC Work. Just because i am a human and i have this human tendency of asking for support or looking forward for some support for such situations – But this time i did not do so, I behaved the way i was, kept on working normally, writing files, talking normally to people, still went out and met some friends – I felt weird, I felt lonely but then i released i do not need to always ask for support and talk to people, i can just chill with them and talk to them about general stuff in life and trust it went quite good. I was on myself like never before, felt independent like never before. Also realized the importance of some people in my life.

After this realization of people being important to you in your life, I started wondering how important am i in their lives.I decided to go ahead and figure out how important i am in the lives of people around me. That is when i realized that scale of IMPORTANCE of someone in life of a PERSON is VERY DYNAMIC. It depends on what the other person expects from you, what the other person is feeling at the moment, what the other person is doing at the moment and what the other person can “give” you at that moment.  It is completely logical and completely makes sense but the issue comes when the SCALE of BEING DYNAMIC is too high.

How can you not talk to someone properly for 3 days(Just coz you dont feel like) after making that person feel special and one of the most important people in their lives? How can a movie (On a DVD – which can be paused) be more important than the person who really needs you that moment?  How can you not respect someone when you talk to them and still say that they are always there for you? Weird isnt it? How can someone just suddenly stop picking your calls and cancel a plan which was initiated by the other person with the idea -” You are a special person in my life, I want to spend some time with you”? How can someone not like do something with you while he/she does it with every other person in the world?How can someone not have time for you while you are as per records in the TOP FEW people in his life?

When i think about myself – Do i have priority list? Yes, I do. Infact a very big one. Even i am confused where to place few people on the list but i am sure once i place people on a list i give them that importance. May be i should not because being  dynamic just might be more fun – it seems so.

This one week made me realize -Importance of person is defined by a priority list – some people have statics list, some have a dynamic list, for some the list does not matter for some there is no need for a list because there are only few people who matter in their lives. This week made me realize that i really need to look at people around me and really figure out where do i lie in their priority list. Next two months is a Discovery Phase in life.

I really want to know – Do i really matter to someone? Even if i am left with just one person to whom i really matter, I shall be satisfied by that fact that i do not live in a fake wonderland of mine.

“Happiness lies for those who cry, those who hurt, those who have searched, and those who have tried for only they can appreciate the importance of people who have touched their lives.”



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April 16, 2011 at 10:54 PM

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