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The Heart can Articulate. Enunciate. Speak.

Undeclared Winner: Beauty & Action

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Look at me, "I know I'm prepared"
From the heart to the brain its all there
But the fact doesn't change that I'm little scared
I can't bare to be just another - 'hot air'
Dude, I am a winner may be yet 'Undeclared' 

Let this be it. The judgement day,
Hey,"This isn't another Child's Play"
the hard work, the brain or my patent theme
Bigger than my house or my bike, its my little dream
"I gotta feeling", I have to say. With this, I'm already half way. 

Gave my best just like a honey bee,
its time my honey, and the world shall see
Its 212. The Water,steam & The extra degree
If you call me, "Hyper" i wont disagree
Arrey o! Get me some Vitamin C

I could feel something running in my veins
The Drum roles seem like a thousand trains
have my eye at the dark green bottle of champagne
Okay. This is it. This has to be my game.
--What just happened? Could you explain?

On my left or right? stands the chosen one
Have I lost even the sense of direction?
But wait. Wasn't this my only dream run...
I lost. That thought, weighs like a metric ton
Oh God! What have I done!

Bitch like tears run down my face,
Retrace? Disgrace? or just a null space
Need a hiding place from the human race
ain't it going to be an acquisitive case?
After this long chase, please help me find my cigarette case 

Leaves fall.Time rolls and the days pass by.
Some choose to leave and others standby
Choice is yours. Move on or do your hue & cry
Look above. The blue sky, this might be your fourth of July
retry my wise guy or let it pass by.

Because it's only when you're tested, you truly discover who you are.
A white Dwarf star or a heavy spar
Sometimes you are the engine sometimes a passenger car
'Believe' by far is my north star
and this definitely isn't my 'au revoir'

Learn from the process it preaches the truth,
I'm a young Indian, A Fountain of Youth
Open your eyes, look at the shining world
The whirled,curled & the unfurled
and the best part is, its always going to be your world. 

I don't regret my actions or my tempt
just another road trip, now I let it end.
not another unkempt contempt
now that choice makes me feel content
Because, Sometimes the beauty is in the attempt.


Written by Gaurav Julka

November 21, 2011 at 7:25 PM

Posted in #Choices

One Response

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  1. well written, expressive, rhyming, ambitious, factful n determined…
    these were the few adjectives i could think out while reading this..
    well said GJ..:)

    zarna shukla

    November 21, 2011 at 7:44 PM

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