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If Maslow was an AIESECer!

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There are many things in this world that are often hidden from the human eye or the human mind. One such profound meaningful best kept secret is AIESEC.  Now lets imagine you are a 10 year old kid, this is how I would explain AIESEC to you.

Son, do you like Superheroes? Do you know which factory produces all these amazing superheroes? Its called ‘AIESEC’

I don’t think there is any other organization that can produce world leaders like the ones produced in AIESEC, it does not matter what these youngsters do in life currently or what culture they are from, all that matters is the potential they have that can change things in future. Which Organization today gives you an opportunity to represent your country in an actual business yet cultural dimension equally amongst 110 other countries?  and mind it at the age of 21-22.

I can go on and on with what can AIESEC can offer? what you can do in AIESEC? but for that, I think “Google” will be the best guide.  In simple words, You are missing a lot of Action in this world if you are not engaged with AIESEC.

Trust me, If Maslow was an AIESECer, this is how his Hierarchy of Needs (Theory) would look like.

Maslows Hierarchy of Needs & AIESEC

The picture might seem funny to you (if you are not an AIESECer) but this is exactly what makes us different from many others in the world.  I think every AIESECer has a very simple thought it mind, ” I want to die young but as late as possible”. If you are not an AIESECer, try striking a random conversation with an AIESECer once in your life and you shall see the difference.

Have you ever wondered…How Impactfully Random AIESECer can be?

I will tell you how random and impactful we can be. Have you ever heard of something called a BHAG? (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) – You can Google it later, basically these are statements or vision statements  which an organization would want to achieve in a long term aspect. In August 2010, 600 AIESECers from 111 different countries met in India (Hyderabad) in an annual conference, in 10 days we came up with AIESEC’s BHAG.  How big could it have been? Not much. Our BHAG is to “Engage and Develop Every Young Person in the world” , I am not sure if even UN or UNESCO is thinking on such scalability levels. We are already on the lines of creating programs and products which shall do the deed but for me its not about that, its simply about the powerful profound thought of doing so. The Thought of Engaging every young person, the thought of no discrimination, the pure thought of  equalized opportunity, the pure thought of representing the youth of the world is all that matters to me  and this is what drives me to contribute to this awesome organization – AIESEC.

I know people can have different priorities in life and you might not want to join AIESEC or engage with AIESEC now. All I wish for you is, 10 years down the line if you meet an AIESECer in a train to a random city, Don’t Regret – Just Google AIESEC, I am sure you will find a way to engage with AIESEC even then.


Written by Gaurav Julka

January 9, 2012 at 8:01 PM

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  1. What brought this about ?? A motivational theory and AISEC ??

    Nipath Belani (@nipath11)

    January 11, 2012 at 3:26 PM

    • Which part are you talking about? The BHAG or My Conceptualization of “If Maslow was an AIESECer” ?


      January 11, 2012 at 3:29 PM

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