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One Day in AIESEC.

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What difference can a day make to your life? Or to your community? Or to your Country? Or to this Earth?  We can for sure have at least a million different answers to these questions but there is one unique organization that understands the importance of each day and strives for certain values with a common understanding and towards a strong vision.

The Organization is AIESEC, In the month of November –  AIESEC Globally partnered with One Day on Earth to create a series of videos which show the impact of AIESEC or the work done in AIESEC in One Day. The Day that was chosen was 11/11/11. Different entities in AIESEC submitted their videos and now these videos are being edited and published by One Day on Earth.

Before One Day on Earth comes up with an awesome version of the video, I thought I could come up with a draft version of the same. This video is a compilation of different videos submitted, some videos have spelling & grammar mistakes but I think that’s okay – The Story & Content matters more 🙂


I know Someday, it will all turn around. One day 🙂


Written by Gaurav Julka

January 11, 2012 at 10:23 PM

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