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Half-Day at Baroda District Court.

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Baroda District court, a very unique place to be. Courts in India are respected as temples, I am not sure but I think there is a God of law as well but there indeed is an idol which the entire court prays to, for all the right and wrong reason.

Nyaya Mandir

I think this is exactly why Baroda district court is called the “Nyaya Mandir”. Temples generally have only one gate but our district court has 8 gates. The building is a beauty for sure, even the location is amazing. Right in front of the main gates you have a proper Indian shopping complex, on the left hand side you have the awesome sursagar lake with the marvelous idol of Lord Shiva and on the back side you have the cycle bazaar. You can enter the district court by any of these 8 gates, security is minimal, in fact negligible. Once you enter through any of these gates you enter a land of men in black and white. Ground floor is the Notary and other documentation level. You will find all kinds of people here, Criminal, Advocates, Innocent ones,   judges, policemen etc

Because there were so many advocates, I had to divide them into 3 categories.

1. Youngsters: These Advocates were young, mostly interning or newly appointed. They look smart both by intellect and dressing sense. I have to admit, I felt victimized in front of them.

2. Agent Types : The ones with local accent and short cut ways of doing things. “Aap bolo paise pheko badhu thai jaye”. I am always not in support of such people, No Intellect and weird way of talking.

3. Oldies: and then you could spot these oldies with white hair but a  good dressing sense. I suppose these are seniors and private advocates. Professionalism was something worth admiring in them.

I took like 7-8 rounds of the ground floor, its more like a fun fair with stalls everywhere and you can go to anyone and access details you need. The International affairs office is also on the ground floor along with the registrars office, I suppose there will be more than one registrars. I could also spot storage places and documentation rooms. Btw. Its a world of Type-writers but their speed is excellent. In the center there is a central hall which is empty but some homeless people were sleeping there. I guess its okay. May be.

There are more offices on the ground floor but I don’t understand the sign boards as they are in Gujarati language. I wonder why some advocates have offices and rest are on tables and some are just walking around with a mini suitcase. Obviously, like other Government offices the male population dominates the entire area. In admist  of all this I also spotted a cute girl, I think she is an intern with some good advocate, you got what I mean right?

Took more rounds figured there  are chotu court rooms on the ground level too. Towards the end of the ground floor, there is a canteen where people are generally chilling. By Chilling I mean eating pan and spitting! The bathrooms are aligned with the tradition of a government office. Btw. I also found a advocate, his name is Mr. Sanjay looks young and can speak in English, Hindi and Gujarati.

As you go on the first floor, you have some more offices, near gate 1 and 8 you have district judges office and sessions court. Near gate 6, you have more registrars office and other offices. But the main attractions are the court rooms, they are not like the ones in Bollywood, they are smaller in size but the Judge has an awesome place to sit. I tried peeping into these courts, managed to do so with 3 such rooms. The first one was empty but the judge and one advocate were sitting, it seemed they were waiting for the parties to come so that proceedings can start. The second was an ongoing proceeding and the judge was saying something. The third one was empty but some random guy was shouting some names, I guess he was taking attendance.

After all this walking around, I went out for a chai, unfortunately saw a family fighting on some regards, I am assuming its property. That’s what family fight about right? Came back in, sat near the canteen and now started writing this blog post. I saw the cute girl again, I think I shall be stocking her for a while, just want to know her intellectual level and speaking skills 😛

It was an amazing morning at the District Court. I so want to create documentaries of our Government offices but I think I will start with writing about them.


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January 16, 2012 at 7:08 PM

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