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Twitter: My Rules, My way!

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People keep discussing about Twitter and its basic rules and way of working around. Of course,  there are a million stories to tell.

I have four simple priorities that I  follow on twitter and this is what makes my experience on twitter – Super awesome!

1. Tweet what you want, don’t care about “What people would say”. Twitter is “Whats happening” do not hesitate to share whats happening. This is the reason, it is a Social Media channel at the first place.

2. Follow Friends : Its an awesome platform for networking and keeping in touch with your friends. Don’t mind the irregularities in their tweets. Everyone does not think they way you think 🙂

3. Follow your Interests: Twitter is the best way to keep in touch with the happenings around the world. Follow what you like, ReTweet what you like, its all your world out there.

4. Followers: Unless you are a Business or a Profitable Organization or Someone who wants more followers, there is no point in COUNTING your followers or tweeting what they would like. Obviously, you tweet keeping them in mind but in the end, it is about they liking what you tweet not you tweeting what they like 🙂

This is what twitter and tweeting is for me.



Written by Gaurav Julka

February 26, 2012 at 8:00 PM

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