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Dear March, Come again. | March in 903 Words.

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Some people consider February to be their month of the year because of Valentines day, some believe December is the killer month with lots of fun & holidays and some love June-July because of summer vacations but for me, March has always been that special month of the year.

At the Tweetup today, everyone was sharing how was their March? I wondered a bit and then realized I could talk for hours when it comes to March 2012 but I thought I should rather write it down. As writing is my weakness, I will write less about it 😛

This is how my March was…I guess a Perfect March.

1st March:  8th Sem Engineering Results were out, 72% in 8th Sem and 64.5 in overall Engineering. Had the first official  glass of Whiskey with my Dad.

2nd March: Mom, Dad’s 25th Anniversary 😀

3rd March:  Email from Denise informing me that I am suppose to be a Facilitator at APXLDS 2012 in Tokyo, Japan.

4th March:  Travel Plans in Making. Tickets booked.

5th March: A long chat with my best friend. Left for Mumbai that very night.

6th March: In Mumbai, Applied for Japanese visa..had an awesome time at Mehndi’s with Kanika and few other friends.

7th March: Back to Baroda.  A  fun Evening well spent Shopping with Vishal & Manan. Busy Packing all night.

8th March: Played Duleti at Priyank’s place with all the AIESEC Gang, Left for Mumbai that night.

9th March: Collected my passport & visa. Morning spent at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Evening spent at Smriti’s, left for Pune, Chiller night with Pune people and a sleepover at Kelly’s.

10th March: Perfect Afternoon spent with Aishu- Awesome Italian Lunch followed up by Mocha Hookah. Left for Navi-Mumbai (Sisters Place)

11th March: Awesome day spent with Cousins and two cute little nephews, Lots of Gossips, hugs and love.

12th March: Breakfast at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf , Lunch with Jyoti at Leopolds, A Perfect afternoon spent at Chowpati, Evening at Mehndi’s with a Miniature antiquity, Indian style Dinner with Smriti, Kanika & Mendis. Flew to Tokyo the same night.

13th March: In Tokyo by the afternoon, Felt the first earthquake in the evening, Tokyo does not stop amazing me every minute.

14th March: Discovery of Watame Concept. Connected  with 10 awesome individuals from 8 different countries.

15th March: Having fun preparing for the conference. Realized this is going to be my last AIESEC Conference. Met Aparajta Deb – AP after a long time.

16th March: Global Village. Met at least 10 delegates who came to Unleash AP (conference), Amazed to see them grow so much. Damn proud to be a part of Asia Pacific.

17th March: Birthday :D, Day starts with Birthday wishes and Nutela, Day spent delivering awesome sessions to 210 delegates from 24 countries. Being wished by 210 people in different languages, day ends with Shots of Antiquity and a party.

18th March: Perfect evening, Gave awards to best performing LCs in Asia Pacific, Received award on behalf AIESEC Karachi, Pakistan.

19th March: Made 10 good friends at the conference after the sharing session, Gonna be in touch with them forever, Delivered 6 sessions that day.

20th March: Realized that its positive feedback that matters. Amazing conversation with Tony and a mind blowing party. Seriously – MIND BLOWING. Yes, I was beyond control.

21st March:  GCDP sessions,  Amazing Japanese night – was having fun with Japanese toys all night, The Sake and little bit of Dj-ing in the end.

22nd March: Last day of the Last AIESEC Conference, Realized that there is much to who I really am, Fell in love with the song Firework- Katy Perry, Got motivated by Jean’s sharing about being MCP. Asked myself, Next is what? Post Conference meeting, Sharing, Recognitions, Party.

23rd March: Slept in the empty plenary in the morning, Had a killer gossipy lunch with Facis, Read Sugarcubes, Embraced the past, Believed in the future.Left for Tokyo city. Had amazing dinner worth 21,599 YEN.

24th March:   Spent the day traveling around Tokyo with a Russian, A Chinese, An Italian, A Brazilian and few Japanese.

25th March:  Had an amazing conversation with a random backpacker, Got up late went around Tokyo with a beautiful girl from NZ , Killer lunch at Hard Rock cafe, Saw a Scary yet Romantic 4D movie,  Had an amazing evening & an awesome night (shall always remember)

26th March: Starts with a sad goodbye,  Ate Cup noodles to save money, went to the Asakusa Bridge reflected and realized – I am Firework. Applied for Global Coordinator at Alcatel-Lucent.

27th March: Goodbye Tokyo, Bought an Ipad in HongKong, Met Debby an awesome AIESEC Friend, a emotional conversation with Jenni, Saw three powerful movies (One Day, The Decendents, Happy Feet 2) on the flight from HK to Mumbai.

28th March: Took the first flight to Baroda. Reached home. Family is the best thing that can happen to you. Slept all day.

29th March: Saw an amazing movie with Vishal & Manan, ending the day with killer management conversations, realizing there is a lot to be done in life.

30th March: I woke up with the news of my dad getting posted to Dehradun, Hometown, leaving Baroda in exactly 2 months from now. Evening spent with Vishal, Manan & Nipath in a proper keeda mode.

31st March: Chilled with Parents all afternoon, Went for a Tweetup, Went through all the memories of March, Realized the need of documenting everything, Wrote this.

March, I really wish you had more days.




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March 31, 2012 at 6:04 PM

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