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Narendra Modi – Next is what? (Vote Now)

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We all know our Respected Chief Minister Narendra Modi is a deserving candidate for Prime Minister in the year 2014. But with current stand of BJP & RSS as coalition parties, Narendra Modi has a very sleek chance of being supported by his own Party. Moreover, with current developments of Pranab Mukerjee becoming the President, UPA’s chances of taking over 2014 elections are very strong.

Should Narendra Modi swap parties because India deserves a Prime Minister like him? Will UPA accept Narendra Modi as their PM Candidate? If, Narendra Modi joins UPA, it might just be the reason of UPA’s strong hold in 2014 resulting in Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister.

Should Political Leaders be above Parties & Coalition? After all we elect our leaders not the parties!

What should Narendra Modi do?



Personal View: Narendra Modi should quit BJP and Join UPA. Become Prime Minister in the Year 2014, Pranab remains as the President and India is sorted for the next 10Years politically & economically!

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  1. Modi can not prime minister because he does not get muslim vol.Muslim live in india 48%.hence he can not become p.m of india.


    June 15, 2013 at 1:16 AM

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