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Reading was never my thing. The only literature I ever read were my school books; because I had to read them.  The first novel I ever read was when I was in 1st year of college, it was  Sidney Sheldon novel.  But I wasn’t into reading until 2010. Just like any other hobby, I was inspired by someone to start reading. More like a challenge that was thrown at me. And here I am, could call myself a literature fan by now. Can I?

Here is a list of  books that have either inspired me or (and I could really say this) inspired me and changed my life. They are all a must be read.

We the Living – Ayn Rand  This was the first novel (literary piece), started reading it towards the end of 201o. It apparently is also the first published novel of Ayn Rand. It is an amazing story of a bold girl Kira, who dares to look beyond the challenges and mindsets of Soviet living. She dares to live a different life, falls in love in a rare manner and creates this vibe of being extraordinary. The story cascades to be an EPIC Love story with Kira remaining loyal to her love for Leo(her husband) until the end, and says at one point, “When a person dies, one does not stop loving him, does one?”

A Short Life of Swami Vivekananda – Swami Bodhasarananda – It is an amazing pocket story book about Swami Vivekananda and his relations with Sri Ramakrishna. Also talks about Swami’s work in the modern world. His beliefs are well explained with scientific thoughts.

Emotional Intelligence – Emily A Sterrett – This is one of those “Wanna be something” pocket books. This Primer on EQ is filled with ideas of how to put EI to use in our own lives and has some practical examples of training and increasing your EQ Levels. It did help me with overcoming some of the fears like Reading & Writing.

Built To Last – Jim Collins — Well, This is a class apart primer about “Building Organizations with people and business”. With Classic true examples & historic data about organization. With Theories which will blow your mind. It’s not just any business book, its THE Business Book.

Good to Great – Jim Collins — Taking forward from Built To Last. This primer is about “Making the leap” and becoming the extraordinary. Talks about leadership and concepts like the Hedgehog concept. This will truly make you a business GEEK.Its super must read books for any entrepreneur.

The Seven Habbits of Highly Effective people – Stephen R Covey –Talks about the 7 habbits of highly effective people (Obviously), has an amazing ideographic explanation of why which habit makes sense in our life. Also touches the Snowball effect by talking about the Upward spiral of life. Talks about Paradime shift we all need in our lives.

Anil’s Ghost – Michael Ondaatje –This was more like a random read but fun for sure, its describes Srilanka beautifully, has the richness of Imagery and keen emotional surety. A good fiction. It’s a proper one time read for long Journeys.

The Alchemist  – Paulo Coelho — I don’t think I will be able to do any justice by describing this amazing inspiring piece of literature. This is the inspiration. It taught me The Muktab. I read it again once I was back from Egypt. All I can say, ” If you really really want something, the universe conspires and makes it happen”

The Tipping Point – Malcom Gladwell – The mind-blowing concept of tripping things of limits, trending a trend on twitter, the law of epidemic. EVERTHING.  This business book is the key to marketing and of creating of a social EPIDEMIC. This book turned out to be my motivation of applying the position of President of AIESEC India back in 2011.

The Freakonomics & Super FreakonomicsSteven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner — Two books with amazing economical ground breaking data with vivid illustrations. Talks about Economics behind Prostitutes & Suicide bombers to the secrets of Ku Klux Klan to the  wide-spread disease factors. This is the international bank of non-economical yet economical stats.

India & The Global Financial Crises — Y.V REDDY — It talks pure economics, finance & budgeting. It is a killer compilation of 23 select speeches of the Author during his tenure as Governor of RBI. During 2003 to 2008. A very crucial period of Indian Growth and Global Financial Crises. Could be your end to search for the REASON of Indian Economic Growth of 2000’s.

India  Unbound – Gurucharan Das — Reading it once won’t be enough.  It is the one amazing history book of Indian Economics right from Independence to the Global Information age. Talks about almost every economic positive and negative. It is informative, entertaining and CORRECT about India’s struggle and the need for extravagant economic policies and the lack of decision-making in the past. Its a must read for a every Indian.

The Wreck – Rabindranath Tagore  — Story of a Bengali babu, his “Fate” and his triangular love affair. All because of a small boat which wrecked in the middle of the night. It was publised in 1906.  Has amazing twists in the middle of the story, you cannot expect the next, not at all “A CLICHE” love story. Has 62 Freakin Chapters to it. A Classic Tagore write up.

Heart’s Desire – Emerson Hough– Its a classic literary work. Its the story of a CONTENDED Town called the “Heart’s Desire” which is full of peculiar citizens and two fortunate loves. Has a classic 90’s american touch to it. The Central  character is a lawyer, Dan, who has vivid wishes for himself. The Literary work touches the rare music of 90s along with brilliant description of trade back then. If you want to learn how to “Describe” something in your own writeup – This is the MUST READ. (I am still reading this one)

The Lost Girl – D.H Lawrence — Most of the work of D.H Lawerence just goes over my head. The story is one of a deteriorating middle-class English family against the background of a drab, commercial town; and particularly of the girl of that family, one Alvina Houghton, who becomes “lost” in that she forswear caste and respectability to join a vaudeville troupe and have an affair. Has classic English words and Quotes of D.H Lawerence. Its a must read for highly “Equipped” personnel with English.

Apart from these, I have read “Dan Brown’s- The Lost Symbol and Jeff Lindsay’s Darkly Dreaming Dexter” That makes it 18 since late 2010. Not bad? I guess. I still haven’t finished “The Fountain Head – Ayn Rand & Women in Love – D.H Lawerence” I also happen to own the two parts of The Shiva Trilogy

I keep collecting names of various books & authors, there is so much to much to learn. With the new technologies like the Ipad Ibook reader app, you can read any freakin book in the world. I wish I had this crazy passion for reading when I was a kid or even a teenager, I would have changed the world by now. But as they say, Its never too late.

Do me a favor? Leave one of your Favorite reads as a comment. I need to increase the size of my bucket list 🙂


6 Responses

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  1. Do read The five people you meet in Heaven and Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom 🙂


    July 2, 2012 at 2:29 PM

  2. Since you enjoyed Ayn Rand, I think you should read work of Arundhati Roy or Salman Rushdie.


    July 2, 2012 at 6:49 PM

    • Kinda on it. Roy’s The God of Small things is already in my bucket list. Whats your favorite Roy read?


      July 2, 2012 at 6:53 PM

      • I haven’t read any of her books completely. But while researching about Gujarat & Modi, I read parts of Listening to Grasshoppers. Since the views are not in sync with mine, I couldn’t complete the book. You should try.


        July 2, 2012 at 7:01 PM

  3. Do read “The Shiva triology” , “Mein Kampf”, “Ignited minds by APJ Abdul Kalam” actually I read gujarati books a lot….but I think u cant read Gujarati books otherwise would have suggested you many good books


    October 2, 2012 at 3:47 PM

    • Yes!!! I finished the first two parts of Shiva’s Trilogy, I do have a ebook version of Mein Kampf, I will be reading that soon (thank you). Are any of these Gujarati books re-written or translated in English/Hindi?

      I will listing down my latest reads as well, I will keep you posted 🙂

      Gaurav Julka

      October 2, 2012 at 11:35 PM

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