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My name is Julian Dalbert; I am a dreamer.

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Ever had a dream so real that it made it impervious for you to comprehend whether the dream is the reality or the reality the dream. Ever had a dream so real that it made you anxious when you couldn’t complete the same. Ever had a dream so real that the dream was the exact reflection of the life you have always wanted or deserved. Ever had a dream so real that you wish you could stay there eternally.. Ever had a dream so real that now your life will have traces of the life, you dreamt about.

Hi. My name is Julian Dalbert. I am a dreamer – so is everyone. Last night I had a dream – I think it was early morning. I was in a train; then I was in a university. I had friends – lots of them. We sometimes played basketball on the river court. Yes, there was river flowing through my university. I think I was studying something related to engineering because it was hard to find women in my dream. Very hard. I was not a university hero or stud or cheer leader or captain of any sorts. But I had friends –  lots of them. I took Spanish coaching lessons – I know this because the green board said, “El Santo Padre”. I had very simple decent clothes on – nothing shiny of any sorts. I don’t think I was rich – because rich people had girlfriends. I didn’t. The rich always mocked my friends – I always gave them back what they deserved. They fought with hands. I fought with words & pens. I was happy. I was Julian Dalbert. And suddenly my 7:15 am morning iPad alarm rang. Soon. I was in a pair of shiny shoes, expensive clothes. I read messages from women about dinner scenes tonight. I saw some kids playing basketball near the tall building. Saw. People spoke Chinese around me. Soon. I was at office with colleagues. No friends. And then I realized not all dreams in life are dreams and not all life in dreams are life.



Written by Gaurav Julka

January 10, 2013 at 10:25 AM

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