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The Heart can Articulate. Enunciate. Speak.

Ayn Rand, Rain & Drop of Dew. [NaPoWriMo-5]

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These rains

Rain Drops

So holy and art divine
Thy monsoon breeze
With the aroma of the holy sand. 
 I can see them fly’n 
The amalgamation of nature and man
Of renders 
The grass of my land 
Drop of dew. Could we hold it in our hand? 
I can see them whine’n 
The moist barks of trees
The chirping and that notorious sound
Mother Nature. Is this heaven that I have found? 
I can see me dance’n 
Complex it is, 
Understanding the wrath of nature
And our existence on this land 
It’s like reading Ayn Rand. 
Let me do the Try’n.
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Written by Gaurav Julka

April 8, 2013 at 9:25 AM

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  1. […] Posted: April 8, 2013 in NaPoWriMo, Poetry, Singapore Tags: Cassis Club, International Pillow Fight, NaPoWriMo, National Poetry Writing Month, pillow fight, shurikens, Singapore 1 They were flying  Gliding like shurikens in the air One could ignore the size not the sheer number of it’s pair   The flying white White from a duck, the human face submitted to it’s grace string like elements; the end of human race.   What was this? This is how it started; this is how it was going to end Be careful with that glass you don’t really wanna offend   Why the bang? Bang was the sound when the weapon hit thy mighty head It was worse than we expected; worse than what we read.   So white? Encapsulated with white ammo, we wondered what was right. I could hear the AngMo guy shout,”welcome to International Pillow Fight”.   Go to [NaPoWriMo – 5] […]

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