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Bintan; Checklist Prodigy of 40.

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Most of us; at least the sane ones have a checklist for almost everything. Whether it be planning their family life, their career, their baby’s career or their holiday…there’s always a checklist. I had a similar checklist for my last weekend.  This weekend involved a little bit of IT, literature, art, cooking, traveling, discovering, developing, flirting and of course Drinking. It also involved a trip to Bintan. I will post more about the Bintan trip in my later posts for now if you want to read what I predicted about out trip, check out my previous blog post here: Bintan; Eve’s Reality and a Parallel Universe.

Now the checklist:


Check: Achieved
Oops: Fail
Sort Of: Partially achieved or attempted

1.  Send an email to everyone in the office (over 170 people) introducing myself as, ” Hi, My name is Gaurav and I will be your…” – CHECK.

2.  Publish my first work on Kindle (Amazon) – CHECK.

3. Stand on the lower deck of a ferry with a German and a Brit friend looking at the Sunset over Singapore while the ferry crushes it’s way through the South China Sea. – CHECK.

4. Meet a random Israeli-American and doubt him to be a spy – CHECK.

5.  Enter a shop, flirt with the cashier (female) and buy an entire crate of Beer – CHECK.

6.  Try  talking to an Indonesian in English in an Italian Accent – CHECK.

7. Take a Roadtrip from South-West Coast of an Island to the North-East Coast of the island with the moon rising from the sea on your right – CHECK.

8. Stay two nights in a wood house built right at the edge of the sea on the beach with coconut and papaya trees around – CHECK.

9.  Eat Mee Goreng for breakfast, lunch, dinner – CHECK.

10. Swim 200 meters into the sea in search of a football (buoy) while the full moon shines bright over you – CHECK.

11.  Play “Paintball” with “Electric Eels” in a group of 8 amazing people just because one of them confused ‘a thin long tree leaf’ to be an  Electric eel. – CHECK.

12. Run after a live cock (with intentions of eating it) with a Swiss knife (Cock = Male Version of Hen) – Sort Of

13. Carry a magnetic compass throughout the trip and check for direction every time we take a turn. Being John Locke, #Lost – CHECK.

14. Live without Blackberry, 3G or Wifi for 3 days,  2 nights – CHECK.

15. Buy Cheap alcohol from duty free like I buy coke from the super market. – CHECK

16. Live without Twitter for 3days, 2nights – CHECK.

17. Sleep on a Banana leaf  under an umbrella on the beach with Shades on – CHECK.

18.  Take showers (and poop) in  wooden toilets with no door locks, no flush – CHECK.

19. Compliment a girl to “keep her hair down” (open) (in bollywood style) and making sure she keeps it like that throughout the entire trip – CHECK.

20. Play football with the football player – CHECK.

21. Run on a beach while  a Nazi chases you with a thick wood excavated from the sea – CHECK.

22. Look for sea urchins to step over – Oops.

23. Catch live sea food like jelly fish – Sort of.

24. Cook food for 9 people over a beach fire using Aluminum foil – CHECK.

25.  Climb a papaya tree, grab the papaya fruit and cut it open with a Swiss knife in bollywood style – CHECK.

26. Compare Indian wedding with a Taiwanese Wedding – CHECK.

27. Swim to a random abandoned fishing boat and try to steal it – Sort Of

28. Sing the Mr. Lobo Lobo song throughout the trip just because the owner of the place was called Mr. Lobo. – CHECK.

29. See a bitch deliver puppies – CHECK. Sort Of.

30. Eye flirt  (and eye talk) with a random Indonesian women over lunch – CHECK.

31. Wake up Eve in the morning – CHECK.

32. Take a dip in the sea every hour. – CHECK

33. Manage to bargain and get a discount of 5000 Indonesian Rupiah on your massage after flirting with the manager. – CHECK.

34.  Play a non-stop nonsense rhyme game with beers somewhere in the South China Sea. – CHECK.

35. Wake up at 7:30am to see the Sun rise from the Sea. – CHECK.

36. Watch a RED Full moon emerge from nowhere in the sea with a clear  thick red reflection in the sea – CHECK

37. Run half nude along the sea while a lighting thunder storm hits the coast with really high wind speed. – CHECK

38. Be called “Hard” and “Handsome” by a 48 year old female masseuse. – CHECK.

39. Stand ‘proud’ next to a trash of 132 beer cans consumed over 2 nights, 2 days – CHECK.

40. Listen to RadioActive – ImagineDragons and write the above – CHECK.

That was my Checklist Prodigy of 40. Will write more (and post pictures) about Bintan in the coming posts: Shady shack, The Red Moon, Eve & Adam, Ships in the Sea and The Bintan.

(The list is in no specific order)


Written by Gaurav Julka

April 29, 2013 at 2:15 PM

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