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The Impeccable Canvas.

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Time and again I walk home from work. It’s healthy they say, it does make me feel fresh in some context. While walking home, I pass by this ravishing garden on my right. The green carpet, the bed of roses, the flawless gradient of sunlight and complex yet awe-inspiring amalgamation of sea like blue sky with patches of silver clouds. My eyes, they are mesmerized; yet they plead for something myriad in nature, they become desperate to make a modest change on this impeccable canvas.

I comprehend they gaze for a sprinkle of love.

Only if I could place an angel in the scenario. An elegant one, lotus in a devoted posture as if praying to the God of nature. The one who would steal a thousand hearts with a smile and then preserve them with her love. Even the wind would crave to flirt with her hair, kiss her neck and look straight into her eyes.

A Girl lost in thoughts; thoughts that make up dreams of men like us and make us strive for the utter heavenly.

Her eyes, the ones that glow with a radiance of magic, even God of Sun would bend forth and lower his intensity. When she looks up in the sky; Stars feel offended, rivers die of thirst, the green carpet turns yellow. The elegance of her expressions beats all music rhythms in the world, alter the pattern of a tide, stop the snow from melting and slow down the tick of the clock to a level where you feel it’s moving backwards.

The blue pendant on her neck allures me to take a dip right into the sea of her thoughts. Any King would discard all his riches for a glimpse of such a gem; some would even discard their lives. So maidenly that holding her hands might just make you immortal but even immortality is not worth it in correlation to the presence of her in one’s life. One that does not make you complete but redefines the definition of the need to be one at the first place.

I know, I dream a lot. And I do so because I know they come true. Meet Maitri Sisodia.

Maitri_BlogPhoto credits: Megha Saxena



Written by Gaurav Julka

May 31, 2013 at 4:16 PM

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