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Wanna be Ranbir Kapoor.

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The other day my friend left me an angry message on Facebook. Her anger was justified, I didn’t wish her on her birthday ( yet again).

She considers me one of her best friends, I do the same but I guess with me, the definitions, names and terms die with time, all that is left is a faint memory of my valuable past.

After listening to my stupid excuse that I was traveling, she asked me whether I was a ‘wanna be Ranbir Kapoor’ of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani?


Cliche but may be true.

I reverted back with yet another stupid reasoning that Mr. Bunny is not what I want to be but Mr. Bunny is who I was in the year 2009; implying that I have ‘been’ dreaming like ‘him’ since I first got the fever of traveling back then.

But this thought or the idea of ‘being him’ has been plundering my head since then…I think it’s not just me, our world, our generation wants to travel to breathe; they want to live it out loud, discover cultures, take that one year break out of their to life to discover nature, the world as we see of it.

We want to fly.
We want to run.
We are okay to fall.
We just don’t want to stop.

So, we might not look like him (for sure :P) or dance like him; or we might not even wanna be like him but we all, and trust me when I say this, we all, want to discover the world just like him.

My Cambodian Travel Experience

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Written by Gaurav Julka

July 28, 2013 at 6:34 PM

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