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The ToaPayoh Top-Up

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So ever wondered if everything in this world is defined, arranged, coordinated in a meaningful order or whether it’s just a set of random  coincidence?

I would like to believe nothing is pre-defined. No concept of destiny, fate; but then there are these circumstances that make me believe in the inspiring concept of ‘being connected by destiny’

Instances that make me believe that somewhere out there, something incredible is about to happen and I have a major role to play in it.

Instances that give me all the more reasons to believe in the destiny of connections; like there’s this cute Filipino girl at Toa Payoh MRT that always recharges my EZ link card. Not once, not twice but at least 9-10times I have got my card ‘top-up’ through her. Whether it be morning, afternoon or late evening, it’s always her. Destiny? Coincidence?

And of course my day is top’d-up with yet another exchange of smiles.

7.2 Billion People. I wonder how many souls, how many hearts can we touch?


Written by Gaurav Julka

August 2, 2013 at 6:50 PM

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