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A day before 67th Independence Day.

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Considering the  exponential growth in technology, I’m sure at this moment it is easier to count the numbers of stars in the world than counting the number of problems India as a country is facing. I could list them or try to but that is not the reason why I’m writing this blog post.


There is no one solution to these problems being ‘aggravated’ in my nation. There is no one set of people that can implement a change. You see my country is many countries in one, many religions in one, many states in one; beat this, we don’t even look the same…haha!

1,220,800,358 plus a bunch of “Arm Chair Indians” or NRIs.

1.23 Billion Souls. I’m sure you know what it takes to manage 60 students in a class? 140 people in an office? 40,000 people in a stadium? Imagine: 1.23 Billion souls.  What would it take to manage them? Keep in mind, we live in a democracy.

Every religion, cast, state, sex, creed has it’s own belief, own thought process, own language; and we need to respect and accept them all.

We are changing slowly. I will not deny that but that slow change is costing us a bad image in the world.

Bad Image? Hmm…I’m glad our bad image is not as bad a country that ‘attacks other countries in the name of peace’, I’m glad that our bad image is not an image where ‘we color people black or white’, I’m glad our bad image is not as bad a country who employes their own men as cheap slaves, I’m glad our bad image is not as bad as a country that ransacks treasures of other countries for ‘future sakes’; I’m glad, that my country has a bad image of being under developed. And I’m really okay with that.

So as long as we’re moving towards a positive India, I’m good.

Though, on the other hand, I do encourage the youth of India to do their part. It could start with tweeting positive things about India to being aware of their surroundings to Not pay a bribe for education to help a fellow citizen when in need to respect a foreigner that wants to discover India to writing positive thoughts about India to apply for positions like IAS, IFS to just being another Indian that feels the need to change. Just one simple thought of Change is all India needs but from EVERYONE.

We can start slow.

I have no intentions of inspiring anyone with this post. It’s just something I wanted to pen down a day before our 67th Independence Day. Sort of freeing myself?

But if there is one message I want to pass on to anyone reading this would be the following.

Roman Rolland once wrote, “If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India.”

Inch by Inch. Step by Step. Someday. One Day.



Written by Gaurav Julka

August 14, 2013 at 4:48 PM

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