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What makes you feel complete? A travel journal.

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Love is that distinct memory from your past that once made you feel complete.

And I have tons of those; like the one…when I was eating Butterscotch Ice cream and walking hands in hands with a girl in the middle of a basketball court of some university in Nairobi,Kenya. I ended up playing a  basketball game with some really cool Kenyans 🙂

Or the time I drove us (on a motor bike) from District 1 to District 7 of Ho Chi Minh City at roughly 2:30 am in the night after consuming at least few liters of beers, a sheesha and few 30ml Whiskey on the rocks.  Trust me, I didn’t feel an inch of alcohol in me, I was rather high with the idea of falling in love with her. (Please don’t drink and drive)

I can list them all but that’s exactly not the point; I recently lost my travel diary of 2013, I had traveled to 7 countries last year and had documented every amazing memory in that shiny bundled bunch of paper but now it’s all lost. It did make me feel a little sad but eventually I realized I have them all right here in my head and if not the head, it’s in my heart.

I will start writing a new travel log diary for 2014 and I will keep blogging my stories but that won’t change the fact that every legendary memory of love will be written in ink straight into the hard coded memory of my heart.

Because it was these moments when I felt complete and it’s these moments I would like to think about before it all ends.


Written by Gaurav Julka

March 1, 2014 at 11:46 AM

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