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Someone once told me.

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It was just another day in the queen of hills, Mussoorie; I was drifting along the mall road when I came across a momo stand right next to the school with bottle green exteriors. That day would have been just about the awe-inspiring momos if I hadn’t met him.

I don’t remember much from our conversation, 1o years indeed is a long time but I do remember him whispering the following in my ears, “Someone once told me,  95% of a writer’s content is never published and it is this 95% which comes directly from his heart, not from his pen

It is now, 10 years later that I understand what he meant. Obviously, years ago I had no interest in writing or publishing a book that I would believe came right from my heart  (thought I did write my first poetry almost 12 years ago).

I published my ‘first writing experiment’ on Amazon in 2013 (which didn’t really catch any friction); I have been planning to publish my second work which I have co-authored with the gorgeous Maitri Sisodia for a long time now, the only problem we’re facing is: WE DO NOT HAVE A PUBLISHER but that does not demotivate us, we understand that there are better authors and writers out there, we might be far behind in the ‘race’ but that’s no reason not to write!

So, it doesn’t matter whether what I write is categorized as the gem 5% or stacks itself in the 95% category, all that matters is that I WRITE because I love doing it.

Coming soon…An Anthology of Contemporary Cheerharan

Btw. I’m not sure but I think that ‘Someone’ quoted him was Ruskin Bond.


Written by Gaurav Julka

April 30, 2014 at 9:50 PM

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