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6 Weeks of Impact | #happyplateSG – The Information Technology behind it.

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Did you know 77% of Singaporeans regularly waste food at home, contributing to the 788,600 tonnes of food waste the nation creates each year? 

This statement came as a big surprise to me when my corporate comms team shared the idea of running a CSR initiative around the issue of Food Waste;  they literally gave me a copy of the media release talking about the inferences from the survey.

They came up with a very simple idea of promoting the cause via Instagram as Singaporeans love taking pictures of their #InstaFood but the challenge was which vendor would develop a corporate brand aligned complex website in 7 working days?

Of course, this was the opportunity I have been waiting for.

It’s been 3 years working at Electrolux; as an IT Business Analyst and Delivery lead, I have probably managed deployments of over 40 enterprise applications impacting over 1000+ users but this was different, this was a challenging yet soulful experience. Finally, found another reason to contribute to the society I’m living in.

So basically, Between now and 22 November 2015, the campaign motivates you to simply share photos of your empty plates at meal time right here or via Instagram using the hashtag #happyplateSG.  It believes that together we can raise food waste awareness and help feed up to 1,000 families in need through our charity partner, The Food Bank Singapore.

You can pledge your support here.

You must be probably assuming that I’m just trying to promoting my company’s initiative. Honestly, this is an excellent initiative by Electrolux but that’s not the reason I’m passionate about it, it’s the relevance and it’s Impact.


Barbara Corcoran once wrote: You can’t fake passion.

The Information technology behind –> It’s a  scalable WordPress site hosted on Microsoft Azure with multiple WP Widgets and minor custom code. The colors, logo & fonts have an Electrolux copyright.

#happyplatesg * Instagram photos and videos


Written by Gaurav Julka

October 7, 2015 at 10:42 PM

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